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The Arctic Is the Next Frontier in the New Cold War

Renate Bridenthal Geopolitical Economy
Geostrategically located, with profitable natural resources, the Arctic is rapidly becoming a militarized zone of power politics in the new cold war, contested by the US and Europe, Russia and China.

Friday Nite Videos | June 11, 2021

How Radical Gardeners Took Back New York City. Mdou Moctar | Chismiten. “Takeover”: New Doc Chronicles Historic 1970 Young Lords Occupation of Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx. Is Most Published Research Wrong? Jordan Klepper Solves Guns.

The Right to Science: a Vital Human Right Under Attack

Jessica M. Wyndham and Margaret Weigers Vitullo openDemocracy
The political war being waged against the right to science is challenging scientific evidence as a basis for policy-making, government funding for research, and scientists’ ability to convey their work. The right to science influences everything from freeing wrongfully accused prisoners to crop rotation. But to successfully defend the right to science, the scientific and human rights communities must more effectively articulate its unique value to human advancement.

Honey bees, CCD, and the Elephant in the Room

Doug Yanega Bug Girl's Blog
What is happening is that researchers are studying one possible factor at a time, and seeing only a tiny part of the whole picture. It’s the parable of “The Blind Men and the Elephant”, where each one describes only that which is in their range of perception, instead of examining ALL of the evidence (including reading ALL of the literature) and coming up with a theory which explains all of it. We’ve got a pile of incomplete theories all competing for the media spotlight.
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