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On the Centenary of Lenin’s Death

Ruth Wilson Gilmore Verso
What do Lenin's writings show us about theory breaking into practice, and how might the politics explained or implied in these writings inform our grasp of what is to be done now? How are his concepts of imperialism and self-determination relevant? 

On Solidarity and War Crimes

Daniel Spector Thoughts-letter Substack
To say that Hamas’ attack was a war crime does not excuse or divert attention from Israel’s history of war crimes, or equate what Hamas did with what Israel has been doing for 75 years.

Reject the Left-Right Alliance Against Ukraine

Michael Kazin Dissent Magazine
If U.S. leftists take seriously their commitment to self-rule and loathing of foreign aggression, they should shed their ambivalence about supporting Ukraine.

Q&A: Navigating the Left’s Ukraine Debate

Bill Fletcher, Jr. and Elly Leary Convergence Magazine
“Sovereignty and self-determination are important concepts to keep at the heart of Left analysis” — and can help orient us in the confusion and misinformation surrounding Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Self-Determination and the War in Ukraine

Taras Bilous Dissent
We will never achieve a world without war by nonresistance to imperialist intervention. If the left does not take the correct stance on this war, it will discredit and marginalize itself. And we will have to work for a long time to overcome the consequences of this nonsense.

The Smearing of Emma Watson

Sut Jhally and Roger Waters Globetrotter / Independent Media Institute
Emma Watson is part of a fast-growing choir of decent like-minded people of good faith all over the world, united in the belief that all people, irrespective of their ethnicity or religion or nationality, must have inalienable human rights...
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