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No Loopholes, No Exceptions

Penelope Kyritsis openDemocracy
Domestic workers and farmworkers demonstrating Domestic workers and farmworker women join forces to end sexual violence in their industries, leaving no one behind.

Do Women Want to Be Oppressed?

John Horgan Scientific American
Evolutionary theorists propose that female desire for domineering males helped create a patriarchal world


U.S. Labor Leaders Confront Sexual Harassment in Top Ranks

Josh Eidelson Bloomberg
Union leaders say they take sexual harassment seriously. In addition to expanding staff training and counseling as needed, SEIU has established additional channels through which employees can report potential issues. At its executive council meeting in March, the AFL-CIO approved a new, stronger code of conduct and a new process for addressing issues like sexual harassment and requiring its state and local affiliates to do the same.
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