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The Small Business Utopia of Schitt’s Creek

Aaron Giovannone Jacobin
Schitt’s Creek offered its audience a vision of capitalism free of prejudice and exploitation. The absurdity of this fantasy was both the source of the show’s limitations and its brilliance.

The GOP: Worker's Party or Party of the White Republic?

Bill Fletcher, Jr. The Bias Magazine: The Voice of the Christian Left
The Republican Party is a "working class party" now, according to its nationalist wing. But a deeper look at its pro-worker rhetoric reveals a longstanding trope of the "white worker" against invader populations.

National (In)Security and the Pentagon Budget

Mandy Smithberger TomDispatch
A Post-Coronavirus economy can no longer afford to put the Pentagon first. As it turns out, creating jobs through Pentagon spending is among the least effective ways to rebuild the economy.
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