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Women’s Unpaid Labor in Political Economy* Revisited

Carol Hanisch and Kathy Scarbrough Meeting Ground OnLine
cover of Women's Liberation newspaper At a time when women’s crucial and unresolved unpaid labor in the home is largely overshadowed by #MeToo, loss of abortion rights, and an upsurge of violence against women, it is good to be reminded of this core oppression.

Feminist Consciousness: Race and Class

Amanda Martins Meeting Ground
Large demonstration of women in Brazil 2019 Among the most controversial topics in feminism are the race and class questions, which have motivated many women to develop new theories that encompass multiple realities taking into account region, race, economy and sexuality.

Women: The Longest Revolution

Christine R. Riddiough Democratic Left
We need to understand and fight against oppression in whatever arenas it occurs. Organizing like that of Black Lives Matter or the Dreamers or against sexual assault on campus shows us that, important as they are, support for minimum wage and unions is not enough. It shows us as well that intersectionality is not just about privilege but about the fight against the institutions, the system of oppression.
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