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Salaria Kea

Peter Neil Carroll Sketches From Spain: Homage to the Abraham Lincoln Brigade
The only African American woman to serve in the Spanish Civil War, nurse Salaria Kea fought racism all of her life.

U.S. Fighters in the Spanish Civil War

Roger Bybee MRonline
Miguel Ferguson, !Brigadistas! An American Anti-Fascist in the Spanish Civil War, ed. Paul Buhle and Fraser Ottanelli, art by Anne Timmons (New York: Monthly Review Press, 2022).

What Spain Tells Us About Fighting Fascism

Charles Idelson Medium
In the wake of neo-fascist coup attempts — and the ongoing threat they pose in the U.S. and Brazil — it’s worth revisiting historical analogies on how to challenge the fascist plague before it metastasizes, endangering people the world over.



Harry Targ Diary of a Heartland Radical
40,000 mostly young leftists from 50 countries joined in the military effort to defend democracy. Some 3,000 Americans traveled to Spain to fight fascism. They became known as the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.

Talking to Strangers by Peter Neill Carroll

Lee Rossi Big City Lit
Carroll is drawn to the eccentric and the oddball. In sinuous free verse, he limns a series of arresting anecdotes, few longer than a page, as he searches for Homo Americanus.


One Woman’s Spanish Civil War

Eleanor J. Bader The Indypendent
Judith Berlowitz’s historical novel offers readers a peek into the Spanish Civil War and the idealism that brought people from across the globe together to fight for democratic governance and human rights.


The 84th Anniversary of the Spanish Civil War

Simon Anton Niño Diego Baena Bitter Oleander
Simon Baena’s homage to the Spanish Republic reflects the continuing grief of the lost anti-fascist cause of the 1930s.

Every Memorial Tells a Story

Lynne Walsh Morning Star
Anything we can do to bring the sacrifices and bravery of the International Brigaders to a wider public consciousness is a reminder that we too must join the fight against fascism.
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