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Cuba’s Coming Out Party at the Summit of the Americas

Medea Benjamin Counterpunch
Cuba was welcomed and thanked by several of the leaders for the help Cuba has given other countries, but what most Americans fail to understand is the pride felt by so many people in Latin America—even people who don’t like Cuba’s policies—that for over 50 years the tiny island has managed to fend off the attempts by the US Goliath to overthrow it.

Castro Remarks at the Summit of the Americas

Raul Castro Ruz National Network on Cuba
Key Remarks By Army General Raul Castro Ruz, President of the State Council and the Council Of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba, at the 7th Summit of the Americas, Panama City, Panama, April 10-11, 2015

Obama Could Face Another Disastrous Summit Due to Sanctions Against Venezuela

Mark Weisbrot
What the sanctions made clear is that President Obama’s opening to Cuba represented exactly zero change in Washington’s overall strategy toward the region: The intention of expanding commercial and diplomatic relations with Cuba was mainly to pursue a more effective strategy of undermining the Cuban government--and all of the left governments in the region.
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