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There Is One Group the Roberts Court Really Doesn’t Like

JAMELLE BOUIE The New York Times
photo of the supreme court house overlayed with a sign saying Stand with Workersa The American political system was not built with the interests of workers in mind. If labor is ever going to get what it needs, it probably won’t be with the helping hand of a judge or a justice.

This Week in People’s History, June 6 . . .

Civil rights activist James Meredith wincing in pain just after he was wounded by a sniper Bullets don't stop March Against Fear. Strikers' play fills Madison Square Garden. Court rules for lunch-counter sit-in. Cesar Chavez gets started. CIA lawbreaking whitewashed. Environmental racism costs Shell Oil. Paul Robeson defies witch-hunters.


Supreme Court Decision Greatly Reduces Worker Protections

Moshe Marvit and Leo Gertner The Century Foundation
The Supreme Court's Epic Systems denies workers the right under the National Labor Relations Act to challenge wage theft, racial and sexual discrimination, or other concerns. Together with the expected anti-union Janus Decision, this constitutes a one-two punch against unions and workers' rights.
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