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Food Was a Focus at COP28. Here’s What You Need To Know

Editors, Modern Farmer Modern Farmer
At the world’s biggest conference on climate change, global leaders tried to make moves for a more sustainable food system.


Green Jobs in Agriculture in Guatemala: How Close Are They?

Luis Linares Equal Times
The creation of green jobs in agriculture requires state action to protect natural resources, encouraging sustainable practices to prevent pollution, while at the same time ensuring compliance with labour legislation and workers’ fundamental rights.


Bananas for Socialism

Arun Gupta Dissent Magazine
In any socialist future worth living in, an abundance of diverse foods would replace the tyranny of monoculture.

Can We Learn From Cuba’s Sustainable Revolution?

Elias Ferrer Breda Forbes
Being forced to live with scarce quantities of fossil fuels, it has pioneered different forms of energy saving and alternative energy production. In the last two decades, Cuba has made important achievements in building a more sustainable society


Climate Savior or ‘Monsanto of the Sea’?

Bridget Huber The Fern
Seaweed farming is being hyped as a major weapon in the fight against climate change. But skeptics say the rush to build industrial-scale operations risks unintended consequences. By Bridget Huber, June 1, 2023


What Dinner Will Look Like in the Next 100 Years

Alex Beggs Bon Appetit
According to Amanda Little in The Fate of Food, seeds, farming practices, technology, water, distribution, and behind-the-scenes innovations are going to change the contents of our plates.
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