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Supporting Dictators is NOT Anti-Imperialism

Meredith Tax ROAR
Fed -up with the imperial adventures of their own western capitalist governments, some radicals wrongly side with foreign dictators in the name of anti-imperialism. The book under review aims to move beyond a disabling “the West and the rest” binary.

Tidbits - Oct. 25, 2018 - Reader Comments: GOTV Phonebanks, Voter Suppression, 2018 elections; Trump Conspiracy with Saudis; Migrant Caravan; Syria; Marx in Music; Solidarity with Cuba; Announcements - NYC, Berkeley; and more ....

Reader Comments: GOTV Phonebanks for People of Color Voters; Voter Suppression, 2018 elections; Trump Conspiracy with Saudis; Migrant Caravan; Syrian Civil War; Marx in Music; Solidarity with Cuba; Announcements - New York and Berkeley; and more ...


Seymour Hersh: He Got the Story

Michael Hirsch Jacobin
Veteran journalist Seymour Hersh has gotten a few things wrong over his career. But his memoir shows a reporter with broad and brave consistency, exposing one atrocity and cover-up by the forces of American imperial power after another.

Syria’s Long War Will Be Decided in These Three Theaters

Conn Hallinan Foreign Policy In Focus
As a bloody siege looms over Idlib, the U.S. is digging into the east, and conflict between Iran and Israel may put Syria in the crosshairs. Turkey will have to eventually withdraw from Syria; Israel will eventually have to come to terms with Iran...

US Military Document Reveals How the West Opposed a Democratic Syria

Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed Le Monde diplomatique
US documents reveal that although wanting a Syrian regime change, officials thought it was highly unlikely to actually happen — and hoped that if President Bashar al-Assad was overthrown, he would not be replaced by an opposition-led Syrian democracy

Syria Ceasefire Deal Explained

Agreement, hailed as breakthrough, aims to halt fighting and start US-Russian military cooperation in Syria.

How Syrians Saved an Ancient Seedbank From Civil War

Lizzie Wade Wired
As soon as the fighting started in the spring of 2011, the genebank’s staff switched gears from collecting and distributing seed samples to devising a rescue plan. People there became very familiar with northern Syria’s back roads as they drove the seeds out of the country.

How Foreign Imams Have Radicalized Syria's War

Edward Dark Al-Monitor
When eastern Aleppo fell to rebel factions in 2012, well-organized radical Islamic preachers from abroad quickly moved in and began proselytizing extremist views to the local population. It is an example of methodically planned Islamist radicalization in the chaos and turmoil of war. And it raises fears that the effects of this extremist phase in Syria's civil war will linger for years to come.
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