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How Portland Teachers Led the Longest K–12 Strike in Decades

Melissa Blount and Matt Reed; Illustrator: Joe Brusky Rethinking Schools
The seeds of our strike were sown 10 years ago. In the 2013–2014 school year, school district leaders demanded more than 75 concessions, including bigger class sizes, fewer workload protections, and cuts to healthcare benefits.


The 2023 Oakland Teachers Strike: An Assessment

Heath Madom Stansbury Forum
Statewide education funding is the barrier to the kind of schools we want, ones with small class sizes and more support and resources for students. We won’t achieve this kind of transformational change without an intervention at the state level. 

LA Teachers Make Good Their Promise To Support Community Schools

Jeff Bryant Independent Media Institute
“We knew the community schools idea would better address what our students need.” Even though implementations are still in their early phases, the schools and the families who attend them are already seeing tangible benefits.
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