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Transforming Teacher Unions in a Post-Janus World

Bob Peterson ReThinking Schools
Walker’s attack and the Janus litigation are similar not only because they directly attack working people and their right to organize, but because both have been bankrolled and directed by a network of billionaires and right-wing foundations.

North Carolina, May 16: Our Strength, Our Task, Our Future

North Carolina Association of Educators Organize 2020 Caucus Organizing Upgrade
outline of North Carolina with heart and 2020 This piece was developed by Organize 2020, the social and racial justice caucus of the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE), written in advance of the massive May 16th teachers mobilizations in North Carolina. Keep an eye out for future reflection pieces from local organizers.

On The Crest Of A Strike Wave

C. intermittently tweets as @thehousered The South Lawn
teachers with picket signs To believe that the West Virginia strike was a natural expression of the correct alignment of social forces isn’t just wrong, it sells West Virginians short.

Chicago Teachers Union and Charter School Teachers Have Joined Forces

Jeff Schuhrke Working In These Times
Union leaders hope that by organizing teachers and staff at charter schools, and giving them a voice to advocate for more resources through collective bargaining, the charter model will become less attractive to investors and public officials.


Seven Steps to Opening Up Bargaining

Merrie Najimy Labor Notes
Rather than a problem, we wanted to start with a vision. We asked members three questions: What brings you joy in the work you do with students? What sucks the life and joy out of working with students? What can we propose through bargaining that could increase the joy and reduce the stress in your work?

No More Backroom Deals

Dan Clawson Jacobin
A draconian proposal threatened Massachusetts teachers. Here’s how they defeated it.


Teachers Unions at Jewish Schools? Rare and Getting Rarer.

Julie Wiener The Jewish Daily Forward
Unions exist in only a handful of schools, all of them Conservative movement-affiliated or pluralistic, and the number is dropping. Over the past year, three Conservative Jewish day schools have effectively eliminated their teachers unions. Perelman Jewish Day School, an elementary school just a few miles away from Barrack, and the Solomon Schechter School of Greater Boston have both declined to negotiate with their teachers unions.


Wisconsin: State's Two Teacher's Unions Explore Merger

Erin Richards Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Facing reduced membership, revenue and political power in the wake of 2011 legislation, Wisconsin's two major state teachers unions appear poised to merge into a new organization called Wisconsin Together.
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