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An Ode to Academic Joy

Robert Jensen Common Dreams
Rather than pontificate on academic freedom, important though it is right now, I want to reflect on academic joy, about what can be so exciting about the life of the mind—even in the modern university.

Friday Nite Videos | August 25, 2023

Billy Bragg | Rich Men Earning North of a Million. Georgia Prosecutor and Judge Call Trump Ally’s Bluff. Watch a Climate Scientist Fact Check an Alarming PragerU Video. The Day Women Shut Down Iceland. A Storm Foretold | Roger Stone Documentary.


It’s Different Now

Christopher Clauss Radical Teacher
“I just want to teach science,” says New Hampshire poet Christopher Clauss, but his responsibilities also range from the absurd to the dangerous.

History Is a Human Right

Jesse Hagopian Word in Black
From Stone Mountain to the Stonewall Inn, the #TeachTruth National Day of Action fights back against anti-history legislation.

Why CRT Belongs in the Classroom, and How To Do It Right

Stacie Brensilver Berman, Robert Cohen, and Ryan Mills History News Network
If classroom realities matter at all to governors and state legislators who have imposed CRT bans on schools, they would be embarrassed at having barred students from the kind of thought provoking teaching we witnessed in this project.
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