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Tidbits – Oct. 19, 2023 – Reader Comments: Israel-Gaza War – Calling for Ceasefire, Stopping the Bombing, Freeing the Hostages, Responses to Portside Posts; Healthcare Today; How To Take Action in Solidarity With UAW Members on Strike; More…

Reader Comments: Israel-Gaza War - Calling for Ceasefire, Stopping the Bombing, Freeing the Hostages, Responses to Portside posts; Healthcare Today; How to take action in solidarity with UAW members on strike; Announcements; more....

In Gaza and Israel, Side With the Child Over the Gun

Naomi Klein The Guardian
Some continue to minimize massacres of Israeli civilians - this only fuels militant Zionism. What could lessen its power, drain it of some of that fuel? True solidarity. Humanism that unites people across ethnic and religious lines.


Terror in the French Revolution and Today

Samuel Farber International Socialist Review
The author argues that the Terror of the French Revolution was a price worth paying, and that the lessons from overthrowing the old regime should temper today's trend of maligning oppressed people's resort to violence as itself a rationale for ongoing class injustices. The reviewer, no critic of revolutionary struggle, argues that the author overemphasizes the pursuit of vengeance then and now involved at the expense of politics and a weighing of class forces.

From Germany: Horror and Sorrow

Victor Grossman Portside
Victor Grossman reports from Berlin on causes of the spate of violence striking Germany and across Europe. We need not look too far to find possible causes of such hatred or, frequently, of distorted despair. I think of what so many have gone through. War-torn home towns, shootings, explosions and bombings in their native Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, a terrifying flight to get away, to find some haven, where they can escape and perhaps even realize their hopes and wishes.

New Study--Lynching in America: Confronting the Legacy of Racial Terror

Mark Berman Washington Post
I don’t believe that we have confronted the legacy of our history in a meaningful way…Our interest is really in forcing the country to talk differently about this history,” -- Bryan Stevenson, executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative,

Tidbits - January 15, 2015 - NAACP Bombing, Charlie Hebdo, Ferguson, NYPD, Selma and U.S. history and more...

Reader Comments - NAACP Bombing; Ferguson Grand Jury; Charlie Hebdo and the Religious Right; Ukraine, Russia and Nazi Revival; TPP Power Grab; 2014 Worker Victories; NYPD Insubordination = Drop in Crime; Thomas Piketty; Selma,Martin Luther King, LBJ and Reality; Gap Between Productivity and Pay; BDS, Palestine and Israel; Cheap Gas; Announcements - Cuba Five Book Signing; New Resource - Greece, Golden Dawn and Fascism
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