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Brexit Backlash Hits Labour Hard; What Next For Labour Movement?

Morning Star editorial; Martin Kettle in The Guarian Morning Star
Early exit polls have suggested a Tory landslide, with Leave-voting areas switching away from Labour according to predictions. Two completely contrasting visions for our future were on the ballot paper. Labour’s offer went further than two years ago

It’s time for the left to save the Europe debate from the Tories

John McDonnell Ree Pepper
The question for the left, is whether we can transform the operation of the European Union. It's the same question asked by the left about any state institutions – whether it's the local council, the national government, or any transnational institution. We have the opportunity to re-route the referendum debate away from Tory Brexit and into a debate about the democratic future of Europe.

Britain's Bump in the Road to War

D.D. Guttenplan The Nation
Last night David Cameron’s government lost a House of Commons vote on a measure designed to approve—-in principle-—military action in Iraq pending a report from UN weapons inspectors. This was the first defeat of a government motion related to military action in modern times. The UK Parliament voted—-what about US Congress?
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