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Paying Homage to Russian War Resisters

Lawence S. Wittner LA Progressive
Given the Russian government’s brutal repression of dissent, the level of Russian resistance to the Putin regime’s war on Ukraine is quite remarkable.

The Ukraine Conundrum

Harold Meyerson The American Prospect
Democrats ask ‘what’s the endgame,’ then withdraw the question (which nonetheless persists).

How the West’s Sanctions on Russia Boomeranged

Patrick Cockburn Counterpunch
Russia’s economy ministry, as reported by Reuters citing government documents, says that expected Russian energy export revenues will reach $338bn in 2022 which is nearly $100bn or a third more than the $244bn figure for last year. This is in large part because Russia was able to reroute two-thirds of its lost sales to the West to countries such as India and China through which it entered the world oil market.

There Is an Alternative to War

Lawrence Wittner Z Blogs
Fortunately, there is another way―one that major thinkers and even, at times, national governments have promoted. And that is strengthened global governance.

Energy, Cost of Living and Recession

Michael Roberts Michael Robert's Blog
To avoid the energy catastrophe and reverse the huge loss in living standards already under way, we need to take over the fossil fuel companies and phase out their production with increased investment in renewables, to reduce fuel prices for households and small businesses.

Peace Talks Essential As War Rages On in Ukraine

Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J.S. Davies CODEPINK
For those who say negotiations are impossible, we have only to look at the talks that took place during the first month after the Russian invasion, when Russia and Ukraine tentatively agreed to a fifteen-point peace plan in talks mediated by Turkey.

Russia-Ukraine: Five Lessons From the 19th-Century Crimean War

Ted Widmer The Guardian
Vladimir Putin likes to talk about the second world war, Russia’s best war, but the closest parallel is probably the Crimean war, which dragged on for two and a half years, from 1853 to 1856, before the exhausted belligerents worked out a peace agreement.
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