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We Demand Bold Action for All Working People

The Movement for Black Lives M4bl The Movement for Black Lives M4bl
The capitalist system doesn’t just drive wealth inequality—it is designed to exploit and undermine the working class and to protect the power and economic interests of the wealthy.

Hidden Hunger - How Families Slip Through

Tara Duggan San Francisco Chronicle
One in 10 Bay Area residents earns too little to cover the cost of living; of those, 62 percent earn too much to qualify for food stamps.


Sports Direct: 90% of Staff on Zero-hour Contracts

Simon Neville The Guardian
Employers are increasingly hiring workers as "on-call" employees, with no guarantee of minimum hours of work, leading to severe underemployment and scheduling difficulties. One British firm now employs almost all workers on "zero-hours contracts." The Labour Party is attempting to outlaw the practice.
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