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9/11 & the War on Terror: A Queer Afghan Reflects

Neda Said Organizing Upgrade
I feel the burden of having to demonstrate that my ancestral homeland deserves to exist, and that my people are human and multi-faceted, with a rich history and resistance, and deserve the opportunity to thrive.

Cuba: Hell, Purgatory and Paradise

Frei Betto El Cohete
I do not wish the future of Cuba to be like the present of Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras or even Puerto Rico...The United States was never satisfied with having lost the Cuba subjected to its ambitions.

What’s Happening in Cuba?

Merriam Ansara Peace Advocate
Will the current situation in Cuba lead to US-backed violence in Cuba? To answer that question, we first need an understanding of what’s happening. There has been ongoing violence from the United States towards Cuba for 60 years.
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