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DeJoy Moves To Consolidate USPS Facilities

Jake Johnson Common Dreams
'A True Danger to the Public Post Office', "How many post offices will be closed?" asked one union official. "How many clerks and drivers will lose jobs?"


Inside ‘The Great Postal Heist’

Steve Wishnia
The Great Postal Heist documents the culture of bullying that developed in the U.S. Postal Service after it was converted from a public service to a public corporation, after the great wildcat strike of 1970.


Save the Post Office

Dennis O’Neil Labor Notes
The Postmaster General’s New Attack on the Mail is a Fig Leaf for Privatization.

House Dems Unveil Bill to Stop Assault on USPS

Kenny Stancil Common Dreams
"We will not allow Trump's handpicked Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to slow down mail delivery, cut hours at post offices, and sabotage the Postal Service," said Bernie Sanders.

Trump is Trying to Destroy the US Postal Service. We Should Expand It

Bhaskar Sunkara The Guardian
Vote-by-mail ballots. A completely politicized and manufactured crisis threatens to destroy the US Postal Service, our most important, successful and trusted institution by any measure. While the Trump Administration seeks to destroy it we must embrace and empower it.

Defend the Post Office, Defend Black Workers

Paul Prescod Jacobin
The United States Postal Service is a crucial institution for black workers in America. That's why Bernie Sanders's strong support for defending and expanding the USPS is a key racial justice issue.
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