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The 1970 Postal Workers Strike

Patrick Murfin Heretic, Rebel, a Thing to Flout
When Rank and File Postal Workers Whipped Bosses, Union Leaders, and Richard Nixon


The Postal Strike of 1970: Relevance to Today

Lawrence Swaim Talking Union
The postal strike of 1970 lasted only a couple of weeks. The purpose was to demonstrate conclusively that postal workers could be pushed only so far. It could be described as an unsanctioned or wildcat strike, and it was also a felony-level crime.

Tidbits - May 31, 2018 - Reader Comments: Roseanne; NFL #TakingaKnee; Jewish anti-Zionism; Iran sanctions; Federal workers; privatization of food policy; Resources: Black women leaders; GI resistance to Vietnam war; and more.....

Reader Comments: Roseanne; NFL Support Taking a Knee; Jewish anti-Zionism; Iran sanctions; When the Mailmen Rebelled (struck) and Trump clamp-down on Federal workers; privatization of food policy in Africa; Resources: New video series on Black women leaders; GI resistance to the Vietnam war; and mo

When the Mailmen Rebelled

Paul Prescod Jacobin
In 1970, postal workers went on strike and provoked a national crisis for the United States government. Their rebellion holds lessons for labor today.
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