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Wall Street’s New Prison Scam

Katya Schwenk The Lever
As states crack down on prison-phone price gouging and resulting government kickbacks, telecom companies and their private equity backers have new ways to game the system.

Silent No More

Stewart Acuff Stansbury Forum
It is the families and friends of men who are beaten to death behind bars who suffer the longest. It is the deepest most evil corruption that covers and enables cruelty and torture unto death.

How the Newest Federal Prison Became One of the Deadliest

Christie Thompson and Joseph Shapiro NPR
Officials claimed that opening Thomson would make federal prisons safer by relieving dangerous overcrowding. But an investigation by The Marshall Project and NPR found that the newest U.S. penitentiary has quickly become one of the deadliest, with five suspected homicides and two alleged suicides since 2019.

What Prisoners Eat

John Kiriakou Consortium News
It’s not at all unusual to feed prisoners animal-grade food to save money. It happens all across the country every single day.
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