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Was Kevin Cooper Framed for Murder?

Nicholas Kristof with Jessia Ma and Stuart A. Thompson New York Times
This is the story of a broken justice system. It appears that an innocent man was framed by sheriff’s deputies and is on death row in part because of dishonest cops, sensational media coverage and flawed political leaders.

Turn Prisons Into Colleges

Elizabeth Hinton New York Times
Today, only a third of all prisons provide ways for incarcerated people to continue their educations beyond high school.

Frail, Old and Dying, but Their Only Way Out of Prison Is a Coffin

Christie Thompson New York Times
Congress created compassionate release as a way to free certain inmates, such as the terminally ill, when it becomes “inequitable” to keep them in prison any longer. Despite urging from lawmakers of both parties, officials deny or delay the vast majority of requests.


An American Marriage

Zakiya Harris The Rumpus
This review focuses on a riveting novel about an African American couple caught up in the criminal justice system.

A Prison Film Made in Prison

Nick Paumgarten The New Yorker
In the fall of 2014, word got around Pendleton, in Indiana, that a crew was coming to make a film, called “O.G.” It was to feature prisoners and guards as actors and extras. No one had ever attempted anything like it.
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