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Betsy DeVos Comfirmed - Lessons Learned

1. 5 Lessons for the Trump Resistance from Betsy DeVos Contentious Confirmation by Jefferson Morley 2. Betsy DeVos Confirmed Despite Massive Protests! by Diane Ravitch

Teachers Alone Can’t Fix the “Accumulated Hurt”

Steven Singer The Progressive
The issue is violence against children, particularly low income and minority children. But all violence doesn’t come at the end of a gun. Keeping public schools defunded and dysfunctional is also a form of violence. Promoting privatization and competition when kids really need resources is also cruelty. And when society’s evils are visited upon innocent children, teachers alone can’t protect them.

The Problems with the Common Core

Stan Karp rethinking schools
The CCSS have been adopted by 46 states and are currently being implemented in school districts throughout the United States. Today everything about the Common Core, even the brand name—the Common Core State Standards—is contested because these standards were created as an instrument of contested policy.
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