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White Too Long

Lloyd Green The Guardian
This new book analyzes the history of the intertwined relationship in the United States between Christianity and white supremacy.


Why Caste? And Why Now?

Zillah Eisenstein Portside
Wilkerson, in this new book, asks us to rethink our current discourse on race. Reviewer Eisenstein is skeptical, and finds the book's argument unconvincing.

Defund the Police, Defund the Military

Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J S Davies CodePink
Americans are getting a small taste of the fire and fury that the U.S. military...inflict on people overseas on a regular basis from Iraq and Afghanistan to Yemen and Palestine, and the intimidation felt by the people of Iran, Venezuela...


"The Passing of the Great Race" at 100

Noel Hartman Public Books
A century ago, Madison Grant was one of the most influential racists in the United States. Republican presidents echoed his ideas. He helped shape immigration legislation. His ideas showed up in U.S. literature and popular culture. Adolph Hitler was a fan. In this essay, Noel Hartman focuses on Grant's best-known book and reminds us how some of Grant's ideas have survived and resurfaced in our current presidential campaign.


Between the World and Me

Josie Duffy RH Reality Check
Ta Nehisi Coates is best known for his June, 2014 article in the Atlantic, "The Case for Reparations." Since then, he has emerged as one of today's most important commentators on racism and anti-racism. His new book has garnered both praise and push-back, placing it right at the center of our contemporary debates on the subject. Here, Josie Duffy calls it "an important book—perhaps the most important in a generation—on how race in this country functions."
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