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The Capital's Great National Circus

Eric Foner London Review of Books
Think today's lack of congressional comity is bizarre? It's nothing (or not yet something) compared to the physical violence prevalent on the floor of the House and Senate in the period leading up to the Civil War.


A Future History of the United States

Malcolm Harris Pacific Standard
This book, which won the American Book Award last month, aims to reorient our thinking about slavery, by focusing on "slave-breeding," a practice that helped ensure the institution's survival after the Constitutional ban on the transatlantic trade went into effect in 1808. In this review, Malcolm Harris discusses the implications of the practice, by outlining just how central slavery was to the production of U.S. wealth.


The Slaves of the White House Finally Get to Have Their Stories Told

Jackie Mansky
A new book by Associated Press reporter Jesse Holland joins the growing literature that brings the slaves of the earliest US Presidents to life. In this interview, Holland gives us a glimpse of what he's found while researching and writing it.
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