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Florida Is Swamped by Disease

Richard Luscombe Guardian
In Florida, quackery is replacing science. The state is in the grip of a measles outbreak, yet Joseph Ladapo, the surgeon general, continues to ignore medical science to stop it.

Friday Nite Videos | February 10, 2023

Maxwell Frost Tags House Republicans As ‘Biggest Threat.’ Why Miners pRisk Their Lives To Get Sulfur From an Active Volcano. Five Questions With John Bracey. Greene and Boebert Unravel at Twitter Hearing. Why Is It so Hard To Cure the Common Cold?

What Ending the COVID Emergency Actually Means

Katelyn Jetelina and Caitlin Rivers Your Local Epdemiologist
What does it mean to 'end the emergency'? Questions and answers about antigen tests, vaccines, Paxlovid, healthcare coverage and more. Why we, as a society, need to transition NOT to a 2019 world but to a new and better 2023 world.

COVID in China, the U.S., and Everything In-Between

Katelyn Jetelina Your Local Epdemiologist
We should be very concerned for the people of China. They have gone from a “zero COVID” policy to a “let it rip” policy. It is possible that a variant of concern will arise from their disaster. But the U.S. already has a problem of its own.
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