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The Rise & Fall of the Second Trump Reich: Tick Tock…

Thom Hartmann The Hartmann Report
A dystopian tale that conforms to Trump's many campaign promises..[Every incident mentioned is based on an actual statement or action by Donald Trump, people closely surrounding him, or something Trump has praised about his role model Victor Orbàn.]

Fascism 101: Why We Need To Spell It Out

Walden Bello Foreign Policy in Focus
There is no guarantee that fascism will not triumph, but it will certainly win unless we put ourselves, body and soul, fully and smartly, on the line to stop it

White Replacement Theory Is Fascism’s New Name

Jason Stanley and Federico Finchelstein LA Times
White Replacement Theory is a relatively recent label for old fascism. It is a rebranding of the long-standing fascist paranoias and lies about invasion and racial and political replacement.
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