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GOP Embraces Trump and His Steal Elections Strategy

Max Elbaum Organizing Upgrade
This is a battle between those who want to ensure permanent white minority rule vs. all those who believe this country must become a multiracial democracy. It’s daily trench warfare on every front, with USA's future if not the entire planet at stake.

Movements Mobilize To Interrupt a Coup

Marcy Rein Organizing Upgrade
Three things are key: engaging as many people as possible in demonstrations and non-cooperation; asserting that we are the true defenders of democracy; and committing to strategic nonviolence.

Arrested, Jailed and Charged With a Felony. For Voting.

Jack Healy New York Times
Mr. Sellars, 44, is one of a dozen people in Alamance County in North Carolina who are being prosecuted for voting in the 2016 presidential election while on probation or parole for a felony.

Interview with Mantell Stevens, Organizer Working on Kentucky’s Policy of Lifetime Disenfranchisement

Erin Kelley Brennan Center for Justice
Mantell Stevens is an activist, organizer, speaker, and lobbyist with Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, a grassroots social justice organization working on a number of issues, including ending Kentucky’s policy of lifetime disenfranchisement. Kentucky is one of only three states that continue to impose lifetime disenfranchisement, permanently barring citizens from the ballot box as a consequence for any felony conviction.

Lawsuit Ends Georgia's Onerous Voter Registration Rules

Sue Sturgis Facing South
Georgia will have to do away with its exact-match voter registration verification scheme thanks to a lawsuit filed last year by voting rights advocacy groups. The program resulted in the disenfranchisement of some 42,000 people, disproportionately people of color -- but now it's being considered by other states including Florida, Virginia and West Virginia.
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