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GOP Embraces Trump and His Steal Elections Strategy

Max Elbaum Organizing Upgrade
This is a battle between those who want to ensure permanent white minority rule vs. all those who believe this country must become a multiracial democracy. It’s daily trench warfare on every front, with USA's future if not the entire planet at stake.

Movements Mobilize To Interrupt a Coup

Marcy Rein Organizing Upgrade
Three things are key: engaging as many people as possible in demonstrations and non-cooperation; asserting that we are the true defenders of democracy; and committing to strategic nonviolence.

Arrested, Jailed and Charged With a Felony. For Voting.

Jack Healy New York Times
Mr. Sellars, 44, is one of a dozen people in Alamance County in North Carolina who are being prosecuted for voting in the 2016 presidential election while on probation or parole for a felony.
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