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Why It Feels Like the 1850s

Robert Kuttner The American Prospect
States that deny rights to women are demanding that free states do their bidding—with the help of courts.

Setting Our Sights on the Equality of Women

H Patricia Hynes Portside
Only a handful of countries are nearing full equality for women; and ours is not even close. Indeed, US women’s progress in gaining equality has both stagnated and lost ground.


Women Lead, Resist and Thrive – Even in the Midst of Crises

Heather Elaydi and Ayushi Kalyan Equal Times
Ahead of International Women’s Day, we remind governments, and all actors in humanitarian contexts, that aligning domestic law and policy to international standards is not enough. Rights women have on paper must be reflected in their everyday lives.

No Scrubs

An interview with Kristen R. Ghodsee by Meagan Day Jacobin
State socialism was proof: when women have economic independence from men, they don’t stick around in bad relationships.

Forgotten Feminisms: Johnnie Tillmon’s Battle Against ‘The Man’

Judith Shulevitz New York Review of Books
Mainstream feminists never quite knew what to do with the welfare rights movement. Here was a group of mothers who, rather than wanting equal work and equal pay, demanded that the government support them while they stayed home and raised their kids.

Daring For Democracy: How The Suffragists Upstaged Woodrow Wilson In Washington

Kathleen Geier The National Memo
The movement for women’s suffrage had begun in 1848 in Seneca Falls, but the suffrage parade of 1913 was undoubtedly its turning point. Feminists today face many daunting challenges, but it’s inspiring to recognize that at a time when our foremothers confronted even more formidable obstacles, they responded with great courage, ingenuity, and even joy. One hundred years later, their example still burns bright.
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