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Who Controls Our Time?

Dan Clawson and Naomi Gerstel Labor Notes
Whether we’re fighting for a contract or a law, we should frame every time-related fight as part of the same vision—that workers own our time.


San Francisco Passes First-Ever Retail Worker 'Bill of Rights'

Claire Zillman Fortune
Just in time for Black Friday and the holiday shopping season, the measure —aimed at giving retail staffers more predictable schedules and access to extra hours —will make the worker-friendly city even friendlier.

Working Anything but 9 to 5

Jodi Kantor The New York Times
Scheduling Technology Leaves Low-Income Parents With Hours of Chaos.

Poor Parents Need Work-Life Balance Too

Michelle Chen The Nation
The “Schedules that Work” bill (introduced by Representatives George Miller and Rosa DeLauro and Senators Tom Harkin and Elizabeth Warren) is the proletarian answer to the workplace “flex” policies that are common in corporate offices. After all, poor parents need flexibility more than anyone, as they cope with the chaos of economic hardship and work unstable jobs with few benefits..
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