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Tidbits - June 8, 2017 - Reader Comments: Paris Climate Withdrawal a Crime; Free Speech on Campus; China Labor; Unexpected Afterlife of American Communism; Jews Against Settlements; Whole Foods; Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor; Union-Worker Coops; Korea; and more

Reader Comments: Paris Climate Agreement - Withdrawing is a Crime; Free Speech on Campus; Ivanka's Shoes in China; The Unexpected Afterlife of American Communism; Jews Against Settlements; Hate Crimes; Wonder Woman; Whole Foods; Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor Attacked; Resources: Labor Activism; Immigration politics; Announcements: Union-Worker Coop - tomorrow; Webinar: Korea, Labor and Anti-Militarism; Women's March to Ban the Bomb; and more...

Amid “Constitutional Crisis,” Bernie Sanders Urges Workers To Seize Means of Production

Kate Aronoff Working In These Times
The first, the WORK (“Worker Ownership, Readiness and Knowledge”) Act, would direct more than $45 million in funding to state-level employee ownership centers, aimed at providing training and technical assistance to current and prospective worker-owners. A second piece of legislation would establish something called the U.S. Employee Ownership Bank, via $500 million in funds for low-interest rate loans and financial assistance for workers who want to buy out the business

Leveling the Playing Field for Worker Cooperatives

Abby Scher Truthout | News Analysis
As democratic enterprises, coops are more than one piece of an economic development model. They give workers more control over their work environment, and their capacity for democratic participation in the wider world is enriched.

Better than Redistributing Income

Richard D Wolff Truthout
Bringing democratic decision-making into the core organization of enterprises provides the best chance for a less unequal initial distribution of income than is now common in most societies. Transition to an economy where many enterprises were organized as WSDEs would likely proceed further in reducing income inequality.
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