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On Remembering Stanley Aronowitz

Steve Early New Politics
New working class heroes, not blinded by 21st century false promises, who hope to build better organizations from the ashes of the old -- should check out the writings of a deceased 88-year old New Yorker who knew what he was talking about.

The Left Needs to Engage Members if We Want to Win Big

Marybeth Seitz-Brown The Forge
Too often, leaders magnify the voices of a very small group of members... This reality reflects significant weaknesses in unions and their organizing practices, and illustrates how shallow and limited our understanding of democracy is.


We Shouldn’t Be Nostalgic for Jimmy Hoffa

Barry Eidlin Jacobin
At a time of historic working-class weakness, it’s tempting to watch the portrayal of Jimmy Hoffa in Martin Scorcese’s The Irishman and long for similar labor leadership today. But his corruption and autocratic leadership paved the way for decline.
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