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Media Bits and Bytes - Chopping Block Edition

CNN must go?; Their hearts belong to data; Disney vs.LAT; Harveys everywhere; Coming for your children; Teen Vogue lives… sort of

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AT&T Says It Will Not Sell CNN Despite Pressure From Trump's Justice Department

By Meg James
November 8, 2017
Los Angeles Times

A demand to require the companies to divest assets, perhaps in part because of unflattering news coverage, would take Trump’s objections about CNN to a new level.

The USA Liberty Act — aka Don’t Let the Constitutional be the Enemy of the Unconstitutional

By Elizabeth Goitein
November 9, 2017
Just Security

The USA Liberty Act’s provision aimed at curbing backdoor searches would actually be codifying the warrantless searches of Americans’ communications.

The Controversy Over Disney Blacklisting the LA Times, Explained

By Caroline Framke and Alisa Wilkinson
November 8, 2017

Disney retaliated against the LA Times for reporting it didn't like. The implications are huge.

Global Media Confronts Its Own Weinsteins

By Jon Allsop and Karen K. Ho
November 1, 2017
Columbia Journalism Review

As the story continues to make headlines around the world, media organizations and women who work in them have been discussing their own workplace cultures and the Weinsteins in their own lives.


Something is Wrong on the Internet

By James Bridle
November 6, 2017

Someone or something or some combination of people and things is using YouTube to systematically frighten, traumatise, and abuse children, automatically and at scale.


Teen Vogue's Print Voice is Gone, but Conservatives Shouldn't Celebrate Just Yet

By James Warren
November 2, 2017

The digital version will remain but there will be layoffs at Teen Vogue and throughout the high-end Conde Nast empire.