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Media Bits and Bytes - August 7, 2018

Ax for Alex; Boom or Bust?; Tronc's Dirty Work; Press Hate; The Game in Spain

Alex Jones is losing platforms.,Infowars via YouTube

Climate of Hate Toward the Press at Trump Rallies - Pete Vernon (Columbia Journalism Review)

'Game of Thrones', Politics and Television: Podemos and Beyond - Concepción Cascajosa Virino and Vicente Rodríguez Ortega (euronews)


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Apple Banned Alex Jones’s Infowars. Then the Dominoes Started to Fall.

By Aja Romano

August 6, 2018


Apple’s Infowars ban altered an industry overnight — and dealt a significant blow to fake news.

The Trillion-Dollar Question: Can the Tech Giants Keep Growing?

By Nick Fletcher, Rob Davies and Alex Hern

August 4, 2018

The Guardian

A startling stock-market landmark for Apple has been offset by big falls for Facebook and Twitter. Is this tumultuous period just a blip, or the first sign of trouble?

By Alex Shephard

July 25, 2018

The New Republic

How the media conglomerate is gouging its own newspapers to pay off investors and executives.

A Climate of Hate Toward the Press at Trump Rallies