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Media Bits and Bytes - August 21, 2018

Missing News; Single Payer Snuff Job; They're Watching What the Kids are Writing; Silicon Valley Frankenstein; King Shaun

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Illustration by Ben Wiseman. , Vanity Fair

New Facebook Alliance Endangers Access to News about Latin America

By W. T. Whitney

August 16, 2018


The Facebook accounts of TeleSUR English and Venezuelanalysis inexplicably disappeared.

Sorry, Bernie Is Right

By Matt Bruenig

August 13, 2018


Mainstream media fact-checkers are trying to discredit Bernie Sanders's Medicare-for-All plan. And failing.

Schools are Using AI to Track What Students Write on Their Computers

By Simone Stolzoff

August 19, 2018


Over 50 million k-12 students will go back to school in the US this month. For many of them using a school computer, every word they type will be tracked.

“What Have We Done?”: Silicon Valley Engineers Fear They've Created a Monster

By Susan Fowler

August 9, 2018

Vanity Fair

Gig-economy companies like Uber and Instacart are on the verge of overtaking the traditional economy. And the only people who understand the threat are the ones enabling it.

Shaun King Is Everything Right About Social Media Activism

By Lexi Anderson

August 7, 2018

Study Breaks

Slacktivist, he is not. His presence on social media has boosted social issues, such as police brutality and hate crime violence, straight into the public eye.