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Global Left Midweek - October 10, 2018

Brazil Election: Landless Workers, Chomsky Meets Lula, French Left Leader, El Salvador Left vs Right, Transforming the UK, South Asia Women's Movements, Weekly Protest in Austria

Freedom for Lula is written on a poster during a demonstration against the extreme right-wing candidate Bolsonaro. ,Henry Milleo/Getty Images
  1. MST Open Letter on Brazil Election
  2. Brazil: Chomsky Meets Lula
  3. France: Mélenchon Speaks
  4. El Salvador: Far Right Targets FMLN
  5. UK: What's In Store For Corbyn
  6. The Interconnected Feminist Movements of South Asia
  7. Austria: Weekly Protest


MST Open Letter on Brazil Election

Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra / Socialist Project (Toronto)

This election is marked by the class struggle: For a project that combines the most conservative sectors of our society and international capital, against the workers’ project.

Brazil: Chomsky Meets Lula

Noam Chomsky / The Intercept (Rio de Janeiro)

One of the most significant political prisoners of the current period is kept in isolation so that the “soft coup” in Brazil can proceed on course.

France: Mélenchon Speaks

Jean-Luc Mélenchon / Jacobin (New York)

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The sovereignty of the people, its political sovereignty, is the challenge of our time. For this sovereignty runs against today’s capitalism: a financial and transnational capitalism that can only develop precisely by removing rules and controls.

El Salvador: Far Right Targets FMLN

David Grosser / Green Left Weekly (Sydney)

With the second FMLN administration nearing its end, a third term after next year’s presidential vote is very much in doubt.

UK: What's In Store For Corbyn

Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin / Red Pepper (London)

Effective socialist economic and social restructuring of Britain cannot be realised without open discussion of the need to turn the whole financial system into a public utility.

The Interconnected Feminist Movements of South Asia

The Cat's Eye / Daily FT (Colombo)

India and Sri Lanka, and indeed South Asia, are connected in the fight for social justice. We share the same oppressive law (Sec. 365 and 365A, Sri Lankan Penal Code), and we were part of the fight to change it.

Austria: Weekly Protest

Angela Mayr / Il Manifesto Global (Rome)

Austrians return to the streets each Thursday to voice their opposition to the ‘crypto-fascist’ Kurz government.