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Dispatches From the Culture Wars - February 26, 2019

McKlbben on Feinstein; Haters I and II; Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism; BDS; What Happened to Steven Salaita?

Varshini Prakash is shown at a Sunrise Movement sit-in in Nancy Pelosi's office,Credit: Sunrise Movement


Dianne Feinstein’s Encounter with the Young Green New Deal Activists

By Bill McKibben
February 23, 2019
The New Yorker

Feinstein was, in fact, demonstrating why climate change exemplifies an issue on which older people should listen to the young. 

Filmmaker Spent Months Interviewing Neo-Nazis and Jihadists

By Sean Illing
January 14, 2019

Deeyah Khan, a Muslim woman, met her enemies — and came away more hopeful than ever.


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The Number of Hate Groups in the United States Has Reached a Record High

By Luke Barnes
February 20, 2019
Think Progress

Experts fear members of white nationalist groups in particular, many of them disillusioned with the political system, could incite violence.

Antisemites Use the Language of Anti-Zionism. The Two are Distinct

By Kenan Malik
February 24, 2019
The Guardian

Racism against Jews is surging. But disgust should not silence all critics of Zionism.

Reflections on BDS

By Stephen Zunes
February 11, 2019

University administrators have publicly denounced student governments, as well as professors and academic organizations which boycott Israel, and have even banned pro-Palestinian student groups advocating BDS.

‘Ousted’ From Academe, Steven Salaita is Driving a School Bus to Make Ends Meet

By Emma Pettit 
February 19, 2019
Chronicle of Higher Education

A string of tweets that he posted about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict drew considerable outrage.