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Media Bits and Bytes - 'Tis the Season

Bernie To the Rescue + Chuck: Aw Shucks + Reasons to Hate Hallmark Channel in 2020

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Bernie's Broadband Plan

By David Elliott Berman
December 23, 2019

Bernie Sanders's broadband plan would take the first steps towards returning the internet to its rightful owners, the public, so everyone can have reliable, high-speed broadband.

Chuck Todd's Confessions

By Jay Rosen
December 26, 2019

It took him three years to understand a fact about American politics that was there on the surface, unconcealed since the day after inauguration. 

Hallmark Movies Are Fascist Propaganda

By Amanda Marcotte
December 25, 2019

Instead of characters driven by real feelings, the guiding hand of "normalcy" pulls the characters along through narratives — and unsurprisingly, that idea of "normalcy" doesn't have a lot of room for the true diversity of American experiences.

Hallmark - It's Worse Than You Thought

The Hallmark Channel has come to be known as a place to indulge in cheesy Christmas movies, but some viewers are pressing pause on that habit after the network decided to remove several commercials from its advertising lineup. These commercials, from Zola, a wedding planning website, feature a lesbian couple.

Hating on Hallmark

By Nicole Pomarico
December 18, 2019

"The bigotry comes from the top and permeates the whole deal over there." - Hilarie Burton

Hallmark's Hanukah Mishugas

By Maura Judkis 
December 26, 2019
Washington Post

Hanukkah movies are Christmas movies with Hanukkah as a plot device. The Jewish holiday is often framed as a quirky cousin of the secular celebration of Christmas: special foods, candles, presents, family togetherness — just with a different color scheme! 

'Tis the Season to Make Fun of Hallmark

By Riane Konc
December 20, 2019
The New Yorker

New Hallmark Original Christmas movies from your favorite Hollywood directors.