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Global Left Midweek - January 22, 2020

OSPAAAL Closes - and reports on the left from Israel, UK, India, Australia, Zambia, Singapore, Albania, and Russia

  1. ¡Hasta Siempre, OSPAAAL!
  2. Israel: The Zionist Left’s Dilemma
  3. Momentum in Manchester, UK
  4. Women Take the Lead in India’s Citizenship Fight
  5. Australians Respond to Bushfire Crisis
  6. Zambian Socialists Make Their Stand
  7. Movement Building in Singapore
  8. Independent Unions in Albania
  9. Stanislav Markelov: The Legacy of a Russian Activist

¡Hasta Siempre, OSPAAAL!

Fernando Camacho Padilla and Eugenia Palieraki / NACLA Report (New York)

Closing its doors after over half a century of promoting internationalism from Havana, the Organization in Solidarity with the Peoples of Africa, Asia, and Latin America leaves a historical and artistic record of unprecedented Third World solidarity.

Israel: The Zionist Left’s Dilemma

Orly Noy / +972 (Tel Aviv)

The implosion of the Zionist left has caused many to recognize the necessity of Jewish-Arab partnership. But that partnership will require Israeli Jews to shed their privileges and allow Palestinians to take the lead.

Momentum in Manchester, UK

Andrea Sandor / Red Pepper (UK)

Manchester Momentum has successfully mobilised political engagement through its community-focused cultural strategy. Its ethos is here to stay.

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Women Take the Lead in India’s Citizenship Fight

Sangbida Lahiri / The Wire (New Delhi)

India is seeing, for the first time, a sustained countrywide movement led by women. No group stands to lose as much as women do if the CAA-NRC are implemented. The Indian woman knows that, and knowledge guides her in the protests.

Australians Respond to Bushfire Crisis

Rjurik Davidson / Jacobin (New York)

On January 10, tens of thousands took to the streets around Australia to voice their indignation at Scott Morrison’s desultory handling of the bushfires crisis. How to channel this rage into a transformative agenda is the challenge we now face.

Zambian Socialists Make Their Stand

Pavan Kulkarni / Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

Thousands of supporters of Dr. Fred M’membe, presidential candidate of newly-founded Socialist Party of Zambia, flocked to his rally in Zambia’s capital Lusaka January 10. It is time, he urged, to break out of “capitalist degeneration” and struggle for “with a clear and radical socialist vision [and] program for Zambia.”

Movement Building in Singapore

Kirsten Han and Joy Ho / New Naratif (Singapore)

The history of Singapore’s annual LGBT rights rally Pink Dot, the questions its successes and failures throw up about advocacy and activist strategies in a difficult political landscape, and the limitations of Singapore’s civil society activities.

Independent Unions in Albania

Edlira Xhafa / Global Labour Column

2019 marked a historical breakthrough for the labour movement in Albania with the establishment of democratic and independent trade unions in call centers, universities and mines. The emergence of these new trade unions, however, is by no means spontaneous. 

Stanislav Markelov: The Legacy of a Russian Activist

Thomas Rowley and Giuliano Vivaldi  / LeftEast (Bucharest)

Eleven years on, 19 January is an important date for left-wing groups in Russia and Ukraine. Activists hold marches in memory of slain anti-fascist lawyer Markelov and dozens of other people who have fallen victim to Neo-Nazi terror. It is one of the rare occasions where, particularly in Moscow, a whole range of groups — leftists, LGBT+, anti-racism campaigners, liberals, human rights activists, independent trade unionists, anarchists — come together to fill the streets with anti-militarist, anti-racist and anti-capitalist slogans.