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The pandemic inflames inequalities throughout the country

Protester displays Ahmaud Arbery's likeness on her face mask,Photo: John Bazemore/AP

The “Plandemic” Deception

By Scott Neuman
May 8, 2020

A slickly produced 26-minute video called Plandemic has exploded on social media in recent days, claiming to present a view of COVID-19 that differs from the "official" narrative.

Covid and the Racial Contract

By Adam Serwer
May 8, 2020
The Atlantic

The lives of disproportionately black and brown workers are being sacrificed to fuel the engine of a faltering economy, by a president who disdains them. This is the COVID contract.


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How the Far Right Feeds Off the Pandemic

By Maresi Starzmann
April 13, 2020
The Indypendent

While the far right typically present themselves as part of a well organized, cohesive movement, they have been all over the place when it comes to COVID-19.

Education Transformed

The Uberfication of Universities  By Franco Pilazzi, April 30, 2020, Jacobin

Teaching Across an Abyss of Silence  By Belle Chesler, May 10, 2020, TomDispatch

From Covid to Cold War

Neocons are Beating Cold War Drums…Again  By Melvin Goodman, May 6, 2020, CounterPunch

Trump Blames China  By Anita Kumar, May 3, 2020, Politico

The Lynching of Ahmaud Arbery

By Ben Crump
May 8, 2020
USA Today

Justice in the case of a 25-year-old black male was delayed amid the COVID-19 response. Apparently in Georgia bowling and tattooing are more essential.

Running and Racism

By Alison Mariella Désir
May 8, 2020

The response to Ahmaud Arbery's murder highlighted a little-discussed fact: the running world is deeply divided by race, and we must address it.

How To Be Depressed

By Mark Athitakis
March 24, 2020
On the Seawall

For decades, the critic George Scialabba has suffered from severe clinical depression. His treatment notes reveal the depths of his illness and the inadequacy of institutions to fully address it.