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Media Bits and Bytes - July 28, 2020

Tech war, trust busting, NYTimes turmoil, Hungary crackdown, and more media history in the making

In Budapest, demonstrators protest attacks on press freedom,Photo: Reuters



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TikTok and the Tech War

By Andrés Ortega

July 26, 2020

The Globalist

We live in an age where apps wars between major nations have geo-technological fallout.

Tech Trusts

By Jon Swartz

July 27, 2020


Congress has a million-plus documents from Big Tech antitrust investigation, and are ready to grill big-name CEOs.

Troubles at the Times

The Bari Weiss Case By Tom Jones, July 15, 2020, Poynter

Framing AOC By Dan Froomkin, July 24, 2020, Press Watch

What Local Reporting Tells Us

By Brett Murphy

July 24, 2020

Columbia Journalism Review

Local Matters, a weekly newsletter digest of the best local watchdog reporting around the country. The idea is to celebrate local investigations for an audience outside the normal, local readership.

Social Media and Climate Denial

By Louise Boyle

July 23, 2020

The Independent

While tech giants have taken steps to remove, or label as false, potentially harmful misinformation on the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a seeming acceptance of those who spread false theories on the climate crisis.

Press Repression in Hungary

July 24, 2020

BBC News

More than 70 journalists and staff at Hungary's top news site Index have resigned, accusing the government of launching a bid to destroy or tame their website. Index is the last of Hungary's key independent media and editor in chief Szabolcs Dull was fired on Tuesday.

Twitter and QAnon

By Chloe Hadavas

July 24, 2020


Twitter announced that it would take action against QAnon activity, a move that may seem to be a long-overdue step to address a movement that the FBI considers a potential domestic terrorism threat. 

Stop Using Facebook Messenger

By Zak Doffman

July 25, 2020


Messenger is seriously lacking on the security front. And this is a problem which is both getting worse and which Facebook cannot easily fix.