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Dispatches From the Culture Wars - October 13, 2020

The Right vs Left/Center showdown brings a court victory over fascism in Greece, exploding teens, and a mess of menaces.

Roger Stone arrives with Proud Boys during the Mother of All Rallies at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on September 8, 2018,credit: Emily Molli/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Election Day: Worst Case Scenario?

By Ed Pilkington
The Guardian

With the US dangerously divided, experts fear the president’s remarks will inspire armed factions to show up at polling places.

Five Menaces

By Alex Henderson

These far-right extremist groups could pose a national security threat in the run up to the election.

Greek Fascists Crushed in Court

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By Marianna Karakoulaki
Al Jazeera

Wednesday’s landmark verdict marked the end of Golden Dawn, but ideologies do not die with political organisations that represent them.

Barrett’s Band of Believers

By Stephanie Kirchgaessner
The Observer

An ex-member of Amy Coney Barrett’s faith group speaks out.

The Wall is a Money Maker

By Morgan Loew, Edward Ayala, and Gilbert Zermeno

Contractors and scrap dealers are selling border fence steel in Arizona and Mexico.

How Wisconsin Rurals Read the Race

Meagan Day interviews Katherine J. Cramer

“Rural resentment” may not get much attention, but it’s a real and powerful force in US politics.

Handling Freedom-to-Infect Freaks

By Ashlie D. Stevens

De-escalation is the new customer service: training to deal with angry, maskless patrons.

Exploding Teens

By Sydney Bucksbaum 
Entertainment Weekly

Who would have thought that a story about exploding teenagers would be the most appropriate movie for 2020? The new satirical comedy Spontaneous couldn’t be more perfect for where we’re collectively at.

LGBTQ Under Poland’s Far Right

By Natalia Ojewska

Toxic rhetoric, driven by the current government, has only served to deepen the eternal divisions between religious conservative and socially liberal Poles.