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Global Left Midweek - February 17, 2021

Essential workers prepare international strike on Women's Day, and more reports from popular movements and left parties

PAIGC leader Titina (Ernestina) Silá, 1968. Credit,Gilles Caron
  1. Headwind in Haiti
  2. A Manifesto for International Women’s Day 2021
  3. Ecuador Votes: A Choice of Lefts?
  4. News From UK 
  5. Latin America: New Pink Tide
  6. Generation Gap in the Russian Communist Party
  7. Popular Feminist Movements in the Americas
  8. India: Police Beat Student Leader to Death
  9. Catalan Candidate: Let the People Decide
  10. Leaders Who Brought Us Here

Headwind in Haiti

Jacqueline Charles / Miami Herald

Several thousand people demonstrated on February 14 to denounce a new dictatorship in Haiti and the international community’s support for President Jovenel Moise. The protesters were accusing Moise of illegally extending his term. 

A Manifesto for International Women’s Day 2021

Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational / Transnational Social Strike Platform

On the 8th of March we strike against the exploitation of our productive and reproductive labor. Our strike strives to disrupt the current conditions of our oppression and claim us a voice in the conditions of the reconstruction.

Ecuador Votes: A Choice of Lefts?

Roberta Rice / NACLA Report (New York)

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Indigenous environmentalist Yaku Pérez and conservative Guillermo Lasso are locked in a vote re-count to determine who will face Andrés Arauz in the second round in April, posing a challenge to correísmo.

News From UK 

Radical Federalism?  Kevin Morgan / Red Pepper (London)

Fash-Baiting the Left  Owen Jones / The Guardian (London)

MPs Take On Anti-Black Racism in Labour  Sienna Rodgers / LabourList (London)

Founding Conference Report  / Anti*Capitalist Resistance

Latin America: New Pink Tide

Owen Schalk / Canadian Dimension (Winnipeg)

The continued push for socialist governance across Latin America and the Caribbean represents a great opportunity for the new regionalism of which Chávez spoke.

Generation Gap in the Russian Communist Party

Felix Light / The Moscow Times

Navalny’s jailing is upsetting the balance between the party’s pro-Kremlin leadership and radical grassroots membership.

Popular Feminist Movements in the Americas

Nazaret Castro / Equal Times (Brussels)

While Argentina is perhaps the most prominent case, diverse forms of feminism – rural, peripheral, Black, trans – spread throughout Latin America, as well as other territories of the Global South.

India: Police Beat Student Leader to Death

Suhrid Sankar Chattopadhyay / Frontline (Mumbai)

Maidul Islam Midya, a Left activist, died on February 15 of injuries sustained in the clash with the police during the Nabanna Abhijan (March to Nabanna, the State secretariat) organised by the Left student and youth organisations on February 11. 

Catalan Candidate: Let the People Decide

Àngel Ferrero interviews Dolors Sabater / Jacobin (New York)

The realignment on the Catalan left, the disastrous handling of the pandemic in the region, and the reasons why the pro-independence movement can’t rely on the dominant centrist parties.

Leaders Who Brought Us Here

Cabral, Lumumba, Luxemburg and Silá  / Review of African Political Economy (London)

Sankara is Not Dead  Benjamin Talton / Africa is a Country (New York)

Enter the Comintern  John Riddell / Links (Sydney)

Engels Fights On  Corinna Lotz / Towards a Real Democracy Movement