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Global Left Midweek - July 21, 2021

Crises in Cuba and South Africa: Background and Foreground

Credit,il manifesto
  1. Cuba’s Dilemma
  2. South Africa’s Gaping Wounds
  3. Peru: Castillo is In
  4. Starmer Set to Expel Far Left Groups from Labour
  5. Left Parties Prepare for Philippines Election
  6. Africa: Women’s Battlefronts
  7. Spain: Forward Andalusia
  8. Honduras: Justice for Berta Cáceres
  9. Warning to the French Left
  10. The Importance of Henryk Grossman


Cuba’s Dilemma

Homeland, People, and Sovereignty Julio César Guanche / OnCuba News (Miami)

Cuba’s Distinctive System  Tony Wood / London Review of Books

Aleida Guevara on the Cuban Alternative  Claudia Fanti / il manifesto Global (Rome)

A Non-Party Left View of the Protests  Comunistas Editorial Board / Socialist Worker (London)

South Africa’s Gaping Wounds

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South Africa’s Gaping Wounds Mohammed Jameel Abdulla / Africa is a Country (New York)

No Silver Lining to Zuma Insurrection  Benjamin Fogel / Jacobin (New York)

Durban Food Riots  / New Frame (Johannesburg)

Not a Failed State - A Failed Global System Jess Auerbach / African Arguments (London)

It’s Official: Pedro Castillo Is Peru’s President

Tanya Wadhwa / Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

Pedro Castillo of the left-wing Free Peru party won the run-off elections with 50.126% of the votes, receiving 44,263 more votes than his opponent Keiko Fujimori of the far-right Popular Force party.

s Witch-Hunt in Labour

Editorial / Labour Horizons

Desperately lacking in political ideas and dragging the Labour Party into a miserable second place behind the Tories, Labour’s right wing are resorting to their time-honoured diversionary tactic of attacking the Party’s left. A new round of proscriptions was agreed by an NEC meeting, one that will potentially lead to thousands of expulsions.

Preparing For the Philippine Election

National Democrats on Red Tagging  Kenneth Roland GudaPhilippine Center for Investigative Journalism (Quezon City)

Walden Bello on the Laban ng Masa Campaign  Ernesto M. Hilario / Manila Standard

Africa: Women’s Battlefronts

Protesting Rape Culture in Senegal  Fatou Warkha Sambe / openDemocracy (London)

Sudan: A Feminist Agenda  Alessandra Bajec / Equal Times (Brussels)

Spain: Forward Andalusia

Dick Nichols / Green Left (Sydney)

Left platform, Forward Andalusia, held its refounding congress on June 26, with more than 2000 participants from the eight provinces of Spain’s southernmost mainland region. The congress completed a six-month-long reconstruction of Forward Andalusia as the home of the Andalusian left.

Honduras: Justice for Berta

Resumen Latinoamericano (Oakland)

A Sentencing Court with National Jurisdiction found hydroelectric company executive Roberto David Castillo Mejía guilty as a co-perpetrator for the 2016 murder of environmentalist Berta Cáceres in western Honduras.

Warning to the French Left

Ugo Palheta / Verso (London)

The pseudo-concept of ‘islamo-gauchisme’ [left Islamism], designed to support the (delusional) thesis of such complicity, has spread from its origins on the far right into the media and mainstream politics. The dominant ideology is today impregnated and even saturated with fascist or quasi-fascist categories of thought.

The Importance of Henryk Grossman

Ted Reese / Cosmonaut

In 1929, Henryk Grossman, a Polish Jewish Marxist, published The Law of Accumulation and the Breakdown of the Capitalist System. This vital work did the best job after the deaths of Marx and Engels of defending and clarifying the real, revolutionary content of Marx’s Capital, which exposed capitalism as inherently crisis-prone and historically transient.