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Global Left Midweek - July 28, 2021

World in trouble — Cuba, Tunisia, Iran, Myanmar

Survivor, musician, antifascist Esther Bejarano. Credit,© Belga
  1. Cuban Reflections
  2. Coup in Tunisia
  3. Eastern European Movements
  4. Chile’s Primary Winner
  5. A Rage in Iran
  6. Canadian Parties Prepare for Election
  7. Esther Bejarano 1924-2021
  8. Inside Myanmar’s Resistance
  9. Online Events to Watch For
  10. New Publications from transform! Europe


Cuban Reflections

Rafael Hernández / OnCuba (Miami)

In Cuba, we have been going through a transition process, characterized by profound changes in the social structures and in the economic life of the people, but also in the relations between civil society and political power. The very idea of ​​socialism now incorporates new conceptions.

Coup in Tunisia

Opposition Rising   / Al Jazeera (Doha)

The Left As Of Last Year  Mohamed Rami AbdelmoulaAssafir Al-Arabi (Beirut)

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Eastern European Movements

The Rebirth of the Balkan Left Igor Štiks and Krunoslav Stojakovic / Roar (Amsterdam)

Roma Lives Matter  Michal Mižigár and Nadja Greku / LeftEast

Pride in Budapest  Saskya Vandoorne, Melissa Bell and Kara Fox / CNN (Atlanta)

Poland: Amazon Organizes  Magda Malinovska and Agnieszka Mroz / Jacobin (New York)

Chile’s Left Electoral Bloc Chooses Its Candidate

John Bartlett / The Guardian (London)

Former student leader Gabriel Boric took more than 1m votes in Sunday’s primary, scoring a decisive victory over the Communist party candidate Daniel Jadue, and vowed to lead the assault on Chile’s Pinochet-era economic model.

A Rage in Iran

Middle East Eye (London)

On the evening of 15 July, people took to the streets in a number of cities in Khuzestan province, to protest against the lack of water and frequent power outages. The speed of the protests’ spillover to other provinces is unprecedented. In response, security forces stepped in to confront and end the unrest. 

Canadian Parties Get Ready

Election Prospects for NDP  Lee Berthiaume / Global News (Toronto)

Uproar in Green Party  Christopher Reynolds / Toronto Star

Esther Bejarano 1924-2021

Anika Taschke / Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Berlin)

Remembering an Auschwitz survivor and lifelong antifascist. On the day of her death, a poster went up in Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighbourhood that said: “Esther, we will continue, we are there, we promise! But it will be harder without you. Sincerely, your antifas.”

Inside Myanmar’s Resistance

Preeti Jha / New Internationalist (Oxford)

Four people on the frontlines of the anti-coup movement in Myanmar tell why they are not giving up.

Online Events to Watch For

Marxist Feminist Conference / November 11-17

Africa: Interrelated Crises, Radical Alternatives / Starting August 5

Remembering Leo Panitch: Beyond Socialist Impasse / Streaming Now

New Publications from transform! Europe (Vienna)

Capitalism’s Deadly Threat: 2021 Yearbook 

Radical in Diversity: Europe’s Left 2010-2020