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poetry Longing for the Garden

The experience of migration—whether refugee or voluntary—leaves the scar of uprootedness, as the Persian/American poet Esther Kamkar explains.

Longing for the Garden

By Esther Kamkar

Sometimes I wish for a sense of belonging

and loyalty to a particular land

or country, not a geo-political country

only geo, not to the flag or anthem

only to the landscape its mountains rivers

fauna flora to know them like the back

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of my hand the way Gary Snyder talks

about California and Wendell Berry

about Kentucky, the way some people

say this land is in my blood I want to feel

that connection loving it so deeply

I may even want to be buried there.

Esther Kamkar is an Iranian-American poet, the author of poetry collections Of such things.”; “Hum of Bees”; and “Hummingbird Conditions.”  She lives in northern California.