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poetry Upon Voiding Pills

Lavinia Kumar’s poetry protests the government’s repression of safe medical abortion.

Upon Voiding Pills 

By Lavinia Kumar 


Pill 1: Mifepristone

Man, White, Catholic, Texan

Prestigious Hell-Hound Cerberus 

Fortify ice flames of men


Goose-step with the always righteous

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Trounce smugly all equal rights

Flush Pill #1 right down the toilet


Rule as arrogant white pious

Crush every woman’s uterus

Crucify all women’s freedoms

 Pill 2: Misoprostol

 Put pistols in every pocket

Abort no eggs. Abort all sense

Fortify that jail for women


Kneel together, quote the Bible

Love your neighbor only sometimes

Decree pregnant females un-people


Sling out lofty virile lassos 

Circle around a woman’s cervix

Lynch every woman’s freedom

Lavinia Kumar’s latest book is Spirited American Women: Early Writers, Artists, & Activistsvery short prose of near 90 amazing women writers, poets, publishers, painters, artists, abolitionists, early suffragettes, and activists.