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Global Left Midweek – April 3, 2024

All we have is our movements and the power we build together

Post-election celebration in Istanbul. Credit, Associated Press
  1. The Iron Dome is Global, and So is Resistance
  2. Upset in Turkey Vote
  3. Walls Closing In on Netanyahu
  4. Ugandas Young Climate Activists
  5. Argentina: Milei vs the People
  6. A Feminist Movement in China
  7. Poland: The Farmers Protests and Dilemmas for the Left
  8. Cuba: Crisis and Ferment
  9. il manifesto Calls for Resistance Remembrance
  10. Maryse Condé, 1934-2024


The Iron Dome is Global, and So is Resistance

Naomi Klein / Red Pepper (London)

Commitment to the movements that this gathering represents. Movements for true equality, and justice — social, racial, gender, economic and ecological justice. Movements that exist in every country. Movements that have grown with tremendous speed over these past terrible months. If these months have taught us anything, it is that these movements are all we have. 

Upset in Turkey Vote 

Niko Efstathiou / Kathimerini (Athens)

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Sunday’s local elections were nothing short of a political earthquake for Turkey. Never before during Erdogan’s decades-long iron grip over the country has the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) delivered such disappointing results. “Turkey is secular and will remain secular,” crowds were shouting on Sunday night as re-elected mayor Ekrem Imamoglu took the stage.

Walls Closing In on Netanyahu

Ugandas Young Climate Activists

John Okot / African Arguments (London)

In Uganda, state repression of dissenting voices has become almost normalised under the rule of President Yoweri Museveni. TotalEnergies and its contractors have been party to intimidation of communities affected by the East African Crude Oil Pipeline. For members of the youth-led pressure group Justice Movement Uganda, the rising mobilisation of young people is no coincidence.

Argentina: Milei vs the People

A Feminist Movement in China

Jiling Duan / Against the Current (Detroit)

Since the early 2010s, a succession of feminist advocacies has been consistently surfacing in public spaces in China. These initiatives often involve strategic street performances, followed by online mobilization and petitions. The campaigns aim to promote cultural and institutional change while demanding accountability from the government.

The Farmers Protests and Dilemmas for the Left

Gavin Rae / transform! Europe (Vienna)

The farmers’ protests have exposed many of the incongruities lying at the heart of EU and Polish politics. A New Green Deal is required opposing the liberalisation and financialisation of agriculture in Europe, and the monopolisation of this sector, whilst promoting policies that support small and medium farms as the basis of a more sustainable, ecological and equitable farming sector.

Cuba: Crisis and Ferment

il manifesto
Calls for Resistance Remembrance

il manifesto Global (Rome)

In Milan this year, we want a big demonstration in the streets, bigger than the usual, one that would be able to speak for the whole continent, just like back in 1945, when Italy’s April 25 was the herald of liberation in Europe. Let us return to the streets, knowing that what is needed to beat fascism, racism, exploitation and environmental devastation is to build a better future.

Maryse Condé, 1934-2024

Sian Cain / The Guardian (London)

Condé, whose books include Segu and Hérémakhonon was regarded as a giant of the West Indies, writing frankly – as both a novelist and essayist – of colonialism, sexuality and the black diaspora, and introduced readers around the world to a wealth of African and Caribbean history.