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Friday Nite Videos | September 10, 2021

Rep. Barbara Lee: We Need an Afghan War Inquiry. What Really Happened During the Attica Prison Rebellion. George Carlin Returns With Some Insights About Texas. Did a U.S. Drone Strike in Afghanistan Kill the Wrong Person? CODA | Movie.

America’s Post-9/11 Wars Have Cost $5.9 Trillion

William D. Hartung The Nation
240,000 civilian deaths and 21 million more have been displaced. And yet a congressional commission is urging yet more money for a bloated Pentagon. We should be spending less time figuring out how to fight wars, and how to forge partnerships...

Growing Up White in America - Unlearning the Myth of American Innocence (and American Nationalism, Racism and Exceptionalism)

Suzy Hansen The Guardian
When she was 30, Suzy Hansen left the US for Istanbul – and began to realize that Americans will never understand their own country until they see it as the rest of the world does. In college, she read James Baldwin, giving the sense of meeting someone who knew her better, than she had herself. This came as a shock, not necessarily because he said I was sick. It was because he kept calling me that thing: “white American”.

A 9/11 Retrospective: The U.S. Air Wars, 15 Years and Counting

Tom Englehardt TomDispatch
The U.S response to 9/11, which began with the Bush Administration’s shock-and-awe air strikes and invasions and continued through the Obama Administration, cost ten of thousands of civilian lives and trillions of dollars, and bombed and missiled a world of Islamist terror outfits into existence. At 15 years and counting the U.S. air campaign has spread across the Greater Middle East and parts of Africa and shows no sign of ending, despite its spectacular failure.
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