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We Are Later Abortion Patients
The decision to terminate a pregnancy is never a political one, it is a personal one... We need to start listening to people with first-hand experience instead of talking heads, priests and politicians.


Sonogram Storytelling

Danielle DeTiberus Pank Magazine
This is a poem about abortion--the law versus the rights of women--by the poet Danielle DeTiberus. Here's why she wrote it: Currently, 25 states regulate that a woman undergo an ultrasound before having an abortion. In some cases, the doctor performing the ultrasound must narrate the procedure, following a script which the AMA has found to contain false and misleading information.

The Cleverest New Anti-Abortion Law

Emily Bazelon Slate
Will the Supreme Court strike down Oklahoma’s devious attempt to stop doctors from prescribing the safest kind of medical abortion?
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