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Abortion Rights Are Workers’ Rights

Kim Kelly In These Times
The Supreme Court’s plan to strike down Roe vs. Wade is an attack on workers everywhere. The labor movement should treat it that way—by taking urgent action.

“Stay Home and Have the Baby”

Jenny Brown Jacobin
pregnant woman wearing mask Texas and Ohio have ordered a stop to abortions, saying they’re not essential medical services. Other states will follow. Right-wing forces are using the pandemic as a pretext to crack down dramatically on abortion rights. We can’t let them.

How Gerrymandering Paved the Way for the US Anti-Abortion Movement

Adrian Horton , Tom McCarthy and Jessica Glenza The Guardian
Women protest Texas anti-abortion legislation. Opinion polls say a majority of voters support legal abortion; yet Republican-controlled legislatures continue to pass laws banning it. One key reason for the minority rule displayed in this recent flurry of anti-abortion measures is gerrymandering.
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